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(4/1/22)This iz my first ever website I am making from scratch! Expect thingz to change as time goes on

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>Online my catchall name iz Spencer but if u want to address me directly my name iz Benny!

>He/Him/It/Its Bisexual Intersex Cismale

>I am an artist w a HUGE interest in Early Internet, Kandi, Creepypastas, Scemo Culture and more!!!!!

>if u haven't noticed I talk w z's instead of s sometimez. It'z a personal preference but if u don't like it I can stop when I am talking to u

>I have autism, ADHD, dyslexia, schizotypal and am the host to a DID System *prof. confirmed but can't get a diagnosis due to Life Situation*

Petscop StampSilent Hill StampIndaver Zim StampEnvy FMAB StampMarble Hornets StampIzumi Lucky Star StampDHMIS StampAlways Watches No EyesCreepypasta StampPortal Nyan Cat Stamp


i obsessively sort all my interestz into neat playlistz and my dyslexia makez it impossible to see so im using this to organize my mess LOL

Other Playlistz *no real theme i just like it*

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Lucky Star | Moomin Valley 1990-1992 | School For Little Vampires | Ouran Highschool Host Club | FNAFHS

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OFF (Commentary) | The Evil Within (Commentary) | Gregory Horror Show | Resident Evil | Cry of Fear (Commentary) | Slender Games

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Slenderverse (+MH)

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